Highly individualized counseling combining specially-pedagogical approaches together with primary reflex inhibition therapy
at your home.

What can I as a special educator offer you?

Every child in everyday life encounters various obstacles that can significantly affect not only the quality of their school life but also the overall approach of the child to education and their surroundings. The source of these problems may be persistent primary reflexes (NVS).
Thanks to their inhibition - through specially designed exercises - I can help children overcome these obstacles related, for example, to ADHD, speech therapy issues, fine and gross motor skills, social skills, emotional instability, etc.
I can work with children on the development and stimulation of both cognitive and specific functions so that they can absorb new information better and use it to the fullest at a pace that is natural and comfortable for them. I will teach them how to work with mistakes, improve their concentration, expand their vocabulary, and overall strengthen their communication skills and cognitive abilities. Through a comprehensive individual approach and the use of available programs and therapies, we can work on eliminating possible causes of current or potential academic underachievement.

My name is Petra Ibrahimová

Let me introduce myself.

"I graduated from a university program in special education with a state final exam in pedagogy, special education, ethopedics, and psychology."
"I am a certified lecturer trained in an accredited course on the methodology of D.B. Elkonin, Feuerstein's instrumental enrichment method, neuro-developmental stimulation (Neuro-vývojové stimulace), the program Kupoz, Kuprev, and others."

"To ensure that children feel relaxed and free from unnecessary stress in unfamiliar environments, I come to their homes or wherever they feel comfortable when working with me. Working with children brings me joy and a sense of meaningful fulfillment. I resonate with an approach that allows others enough space and respects their uniqueness. When communicating with children, I strive to create a harmonious environment."

"Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant."

— Quintus Horatius Flaccus